Welcome to the New IEP

New Design

The In 2009, the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP) redesigned its website for an updated look along with some new features for users.  The new features include the ability:

  1. to browse articles by category or topic,
  2. to see which new articles have been recently posted (by looking at the relevant place on the sidebar or accessing the automated RSS feed), and
  3. to view printer-friendly versions of each article (see the link on the sidebar of each article).

The new publishing platform we’ve adopted (WordPress) should allow for other new features in the future as we implement them. Please feel free to browse the new site at the same old URL:  https://iep.utm.edu/

Call for Papers / Authors

Additionally, this is a good time to announce that, as always, the IEP encourages faculty members to contribute articles in their area of philosophical expertise. We are a peer-reviewed, open-access, academic resource with articles that are generally 4,000 to 8,000 words long. More about the process of submitting articles, including author guidelines, are available here:  https://iep.utm.edu/submit/

Important Notes

New URLs

The URLs for many pages have changed.  We’ve implemented redirects for most, but make sure to update your links if you have any.


The IEP is entirely unfunded and operates on the good will of its staff. Given its size (currently over 500 articles), there are bound to be some errors from the move to the new site. Please let us know if you catch any of them, and please bear with us while we resolve them.

Site Traffic

Sometimes the site can get bogged down by spikes in traffic.  We’re working to resolve this issue as soon as we can.  Please bear with us in the meantime as the solution may be rather costly (and so may take a bit to adopt!).

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