Joining the IEP Staff

Everyone working at the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a volunteer. We are looking for an additional recruiting editor who will actively recruit authors of articles in all areas of philosophy. This position can be filled for a short time period, such as several months, rather than being a permanent position. The recruiting editor must have a Ph.D. in philosophy. Also, we are seeking area editors for unfilled areas of philosophy and volunteers to help with formatting LaTeX formulas  At the moment we do not need copyeditors. In order to volunteer, send an email to the general editor Brad Dowden at

Area Editors

Philosophy professors are encouraged to e-mail the editor with requests to be an area editor for the IEP. Please check our list of area editors for open positions. The primary responsibilities of area editors include:

  1. maintaining a list of most needed articles in the area,
  2. recruiting authors for articles,
  3. coordinating peer evaluation of articles submitted, and
  4. making a decision about whether to publish submitted articles.


We are seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks at different skill levels:

  • Formatters: Articles submitted to the IEP are published by moving the article’s text and formatting into the WordPress interface. Volunteers for this task should have knowledge of basic web formatting skills. Knowledge of LaTeX formatting would be especially helpful for articles about logic.
  • Copy editors: Copy editors are needed to read through newly accepted articles and make the appropriate changes. Ideally, volunteers for this task should have a B.A. degree in some Humanities discipline, such as Philosophy, English, or History, and have basic copyediting skills. [At the moment we do not need copy editors.]
  • Recruiters: To help expand the number of articles and the breadth of coverage of important areas of philosophy, we seek recruiters who will seek out potential authors and request submissions. Candidate must have a Ph. D. in philosophy.
  • Graphic Designer: Every few months the IEP receives an article whose line drawings need revising or whose photo needs some minor alteration.
  • Graphic Permissions Consultant: A person who is knowledgeable about obtaining the proper permissions for posting picture and graphics in the IEP.
  • Computer consultants: The IEP is in regular need of special help with computer-related issues, such as ensuring that the articles written in LaTeX display properly in our WordPress program.

Active Volunteers

  • Current: Franciszek Bryk, Kal Curran, Dominic Goymour, Nathan Kraatz, Scott Meltzer, Daniel Palamara, Ben Przybocki, Stephen Seaward, Lauryn Smith, Akilesh Sridharan, Greg Stokley,  Dzmitry Tsapkou, Adam Waldbrook, Mark Weinfurter, Adam Young.
    Former Volunteers…

Technical Help

  • Technical Editors and Consultants: Dongxu Huang, Manuel Lechthaler, Norm Lee, Brad Post, Joshua Dowden (San Francisco Web Designer), and Bryan Foltz.
  • Legal Consultant: Brian Butler
  • The IEP is run on WordPress, an open-source publishing platform. Josh May customized the design based on a default theme, with programming done by Alex Bundy.
  • The IEP is housed on the University of Tennessee at Martin’s main web server, which is maintained by the University’s Computer Center.
  • The former IEP graphics and layout program were designed by Marilynn Lawrence; the former indexing program was written by Chris Caldwell.

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